How face mask is made


Face mask key important material: melt-blown cloth is in huge need worldwidely.

The PP melt-blown non-woven production line is a polymer melted and extruded from a extrusion machine. The polymer is extremely stretched by high-speed hot air powered by air-compressor to very fine short fibers, which are aggregated to on a roller or a screen curtain, and it is finally reinforced by self-adhesion or thermal bonding. PP melt-blown fabric materials are widely used in masks filtration and protection lives by it's unique properties, thermal insulation filling materials, medical health materials, wiping materials, etc. The finished product can pass the N95 medical standard as the core material layer of the masks.


Melt blown cloth



Melt-blown cloth production process


Melt-blown cloth is produced by melt-blown process. The equipment mainly includes: screw extruder, melt pump, compressor pipeline filter, melt-blown device, winding device, air system (hot air blower and heater) and air dryer etc.

During the production of melt-blown cloth, the compressed air is indispensable. However, the air include lots of impurity such as oil and water. So compressed air can not used for melt-blown cloth directly.

In order to produce qualified and high quality melt-blown cloth, it is inevitable to handle compressed air with pipeline filter and air dryer.

Pipeline filter can efficiently remove residual oil in compressed air
Meanwhile, air dryer can absorb moisture in compressed air.
In this way, compressed air can be clean enough to used for melt-blown cloth production.


 Pipeline fiter

Ayido's high efficiency compressed air pipeline filter system


With the huge needs for melt-blown cloth because of Covid-19 all over the world, compressor equipment related products are in hot sell in world market currently. Ayido pipeline filter and air dryer are in same situation, all stocks have been sold out so far. During this special times, Ayido factories have been expanding production line and increasing production quantity of pipeline filter and air dryer. Therefore, Ayido pipeline filter and air dryer can still meet the market needs like usual.


refrigerated air dryer

Ayido's reliable compressed refrigerated air dryer


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