Compressor Filter and Separator


Based on the imported advanced equipment and top filter media, we design new generation Ayido oil separator with our rich testing data, the innovation of filter element structure and filter media allocation.


At the same working condition, service life of Ayido air oil separator elements are 2 times longer than normal oil separator elements.

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There are contaminants such as moisture, atomy etc. in the unprocessed atmosphere. Each cubic meter air includes 140 million solid particles approximately.


After the filtration, the oil particles entered into the air with the air-pressure rising, so in the compressed air there are dust, water and oil particles etc.

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Ayido Industry's air water separator utilizes the theory that combines the centrifugation, afflux, gravity and collision.


As the necessary pre-treatment device of compressed air pipeline filter, refrigeration air dryer and desiccant air dryer, our air water separator can effectively remove the liquid moisture in the compressed air.

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CoFib oil filter applies imported HV glass fiber media and produced under special manufacturing processes.


Key feature: high precision, evenly distributed aperture, stable permeability, high dirt capacity, longer service life. It gives higher service life up to 3000-5000 hours comparing with cellulose paper under same filter precision and flow rate conditions.

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As we all know, each country pays more and more attention to world environment and sets serious effluent standard for local industrial factory.


Therefore, the existence of condensate purifier improves the drain efficiency and avoids plenty of pollution problems.

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