Lube & Fuel System


Diesel engines have made incredible progress in recent decades. Along the way, they have become more compact while offering better performance, fuel efficiency and lower emissions. Unfortunately for consumers, some of the great benefits of recent diesel engine improvements are lost due to dirty diesel fuel damaging the engines.



Ayido fuel filters protect sensitive fuel system components, such as injection pumps and injectors, from damaging contaminants, which include:

1. Water — destroys lubricative properties of your fuel, damaging fuel system components and resulting in fuel flow stoppage at cold temperatures.

2. Fungus and Bacteria — plug fuel filters, feed on hydrocarbons and spread rapidly in the presence of moisture.

3. Precipitates (non-combustible materials) — settle out of the fuel causing few problems.

4. Particulates (black, tar-like contaminants) — plug fuel filters quickly.

5. Wax — adds energy to diesel fuel; however, during cold weather, wax thickens and gels – slowing or stopping fuel flow.




Ayido lube filters capture wear metals, soot and other contaminants in your engine oil that can cause damage and halt operation. With coverage for full

range of popular engines, Ayido lube filters meet or exceed application requirements.